Back on Your Feet Recovery, LLC
102 Fair St, Brady Texas 76825
325-456-8637   Fax: 888-271-3229

Back on Your Feet Recovery, LLC is a family owned business located in the Heart of Texas.  Started in 2011 by a family with an ambition to serve the community in which they live.  It is this ambition pouring over into our dedicated staff that makes our company one of a kind in the towing industry.

We take pride in serving all our customers with a very diverse staff, all from backgrounds in different types of customer service rolls.  It is this diversity that helps insure that our customers and their vehicles are cared for with the utmost respect.

The owner, Terry Davis, has been involved in the towing industry for more then 25 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to our company.  It is this knowledge and background that allows our company to go above and beyond most customers expectations.  While most towing companies are focused on the job and the vehicle being towed, Terry has trained our team that the customer's needs and well being are just as important.

The manager, Glenn, has a background in towing, construction, auto mechanics, and is currently a volunteer fire fighter at a local department.  These industry backgrounds help the company insure that every job is going to get done quickly, safely, and to the customer's satisfaction.
One example of our commitment to serving our community is this image of our team assisting in a road closure for the Local Fire and EMS on an Accident scene.